Kim Kardashian x Terry Richardson
The Sunday Times

Da Dong, Beijing. July 2009

kimiko yoshida
eastern congo
richard mosse, infra
8,851.8km / 5,500.3mi long
beijing, july 2009

university done
natural fashion: tribal decoration from africa
hans silvester
ryan mcginley x m.i.a 
distinctive and multifaceted

a heady mix of michael jackson, stevie, james brown, david bowie, eva, nina, ella, etta, jimi hendrix, bob dylan, nat king cole and more

like nothing you've ever heard before whilst simultaneously being the best of everything you have heard before

  drake f. alicia keys - fireworks
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erykah badu, queen of neo soul
Big Boi - Shutterbugg
Staccato base thumps, multi-layered funk
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The XX - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)
Minimal Indie x Dubstep
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The Roman Gavras directed video for M.I.A's punk-rock rebel track Born Free premiered over on her website earlier today. It is, as you would expect, explicit, violent, politically charged and graphic

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